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This site was last updated/modified on 20th November 2017.

Now available...
Brian Field - Living Daylight
Johann Kloos - Magic From The Attic

Erixma - Lovebomb

All three digitally remastered.


If you have any photos, reviews or anything to do with any artist on Fragment before 1984, we would love you to get in touch, particularly pictures of the band Lallard that Clive did one gig with in January 1972 supporting Fusion Orchestra at St.Theresa's Hall, Brentwood, it was in fact the only gig Lallard ever did! Also anything of , RumuR mid 1970's, Crazee Daze and the Electric Poet 1975-76 and Darting Tongues 1980-82. Please contact Fragment: fraginfo(at)

Read about Sag The Mu the musical on the news page.

PLEASE NOTE: All MP3's on this site other than the Free downloads are LOW quality and in no way represent what you hear on the actual albums - So don't be fooled!!!!

All the music on this site is available to buy from here only, it is NOT available with our consent from any other site in any format.

Thank you for supporting the musicians who made this music.

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