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All A Stagger
These recordings are extracts from live improvised sessions that have been taking place at Graham's legendary Dog Kennel Studios for many years, they are recorded by Clive on a Zoom H4n portable digital recorder using the built in stereo microphones along with external microphones, usually PZM's. The only tampering that has been done is to EQ them (usually), add an effect or two, put them through a compressor and Exiter, other than that what you hear is what happened, worts and all. These are not part of an album (although you never know) but feel free to compile them onto CD for your own listening if you wish.
There will only be a few available at any one time.
FDL51: All A Stagger 17th February 2019 pt2 mix2 4:14s (Sleeze Mining)
Participants... Richard Beck - bass. John Maynard - keys. Sam Miller - drums. Tony Myers - guitar. Clive Richards - percussion. Graham Wieland - guitar.

FDL52: All A Stagger 24th March 2019 pt2 4:58s (Absolution)
Participants... Richard Beck - bass. Ian Bristo - drums. Brian Field - keys/synth. Richard Montgomery - synths. Steve Perry - percussion. Clive Richards - percussion. Graham Wieland - midi guitar.

FDL53 All A Stagger 21st April 2019 pt2 7:56s (Crispy)
Richard Beck - bass. John Maynard - keys. Sam Miller - drums. Richard Montgomery - synth. Tony Myers - guitar. Clive Richards - percussion. Graham Wieland - midi guitar.

FDL54: All A Stagger 2nd June 1919 pt1 5:35s (Shark Dive)
Richard - Beck bass. Sam Miller - drums. Tony Myers - guitar. Clive Richards - percussion. Graham Wieland - midi guitar

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FDL50: All A Stagger 20th January 2019 pt3 mix2 5:45s (There It Is)
You do not have permission to distribute this music for financial gain in any way shape or form.
Fragment 20 minute Collage for Impulse Magazine issue 6. 1994.
Contains extracts from Fragment albums, the extracts in order are...
"News From Your Anus" and "Amen" - Still No Reply by Moisten Before Use.. "Motherfunker" - Living Daylight by Brian Field. "Death Boll Tell" - Estranged by Erick. "Mary Go Round" - On by The Switch Off Option. "Cop Show" - Magic From The Attic by Johann Kloos. "Lovebomb pt1" - Lovebomb by Erixma. "Thud pt2" - Thud by Moisten Before Use. "Egyptians In Space" - Estranged by Erick. "Bone Of Contention" - Fuzzyfelt by Erick. "Lovebomb pt2" - Lovebomb by Erixma. "All The Weird Men" - Fuzzyfelt by Erick. "Beast" - Estranged by Erick. "Critical" - On by The Switch Off Option. "Lovebomb pt1" - Lovebomb by Erixma.
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