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Welcome to Fragment

This site was last updated/modified on 5th May 2024.

A historical collection of Moisten Before Use
tracks is now available here.

PLEASE NOTE: All MP3's on this site (other than the limited time All A Stagger downloads) are LOW quality and in no way represent what you hear on the actual albums - So don't be fooled!!!!

There are no cassettes of anything available - sorry.

Thank you for supporting the men and women who made this music.

Please don't forget Bandcamp Fridays when Bandcamp waive their revenue share to the artist for the day. Next is May 3rd 2024. Thanks, every little helps.

This is Home
A fellow band member: Clive recently heard that Kevin Kelly the rhythm guitarist with Rumur mid 1970's has died, we believe around August/September 2022. So pleased we met up again after many years before his untimely death.